Badassery and the Future of the GOP

The Bass Sisters
2 min readJan 30, 2021


We ask that you forgive us this lapse in our efforts to #attackpolicynotpeople

By The Bass Sisters

On this week’s Policy and Pound Cake podcast, we did what we encourage our listeners NOT to do. By asking and answering the question, “Is Donald J. Trump an asshole or a badass?”, we violated our commitment to #attackpolicynotpeople. For us, the answer is obvious; he’s both. In order for the GOP to win the House in 2022 and have a snowball’s chance to regain the White House in 2024, we will need Mr. Trump to leave the asshole at home and bring the badass to the campaign trail.

The only way that will happen is if we (the cowardly collective GOP) stand up to him once and for all. We must reject his threats to primary anyone who does not kiss his ring and accept his election fraud narrative. 1) Support candidates like Liz Cheney. 2) Don’t surround him with “yesmen” and 3) Be champions of the conservative movement, not the man.

Political leaders fear losing access to the stronghold that Mr. Trump has on his fiercely loyal base. The consultant class fears being shut out of the business of politics. The long term risks are far greater. A party that won’t be competitive in general elections for generations. A weak party that will not be fit to respond to the progressive’s, progressively anti-American agenda.

Offering these statements will make us prime targets for being called RINOs. The true Republicans in name only are those who put loyalty to a man over loyalty to the principles of our party and loyalty to our party over the best interests of our nation.

Donald J. Trump remains the most influential figure in the GOP. His great superpower is truly his badassery; telling our global partners to their face that they will have to step up and pay their fair share for their defense; not giving one small inch to a biased media industrial complex; boldly punching Planned Parenthood squarely in the face in defense of the preborn. It is this superpower that will help us.

His caustic manner is the superpower that will destroy us. Throughout the four years of the Trump presidency, we admonished his divisive rhetoric. When speaking to skeptical family and friends, our catchphrases were, we value “results over rhetoric” and “we don’t co-sign coocockery.” Well, that was not enough.

We didn’t lose the White House and gain in the House because of a fraud-riddled election or because of the Coronavirus. We lost because rhetoric does matter. In the 2020 election, Americans couldn’t see the åccomplishments ushered in by a badass because they were diminished by the mean-spirited antics of an asshole.



The Bass Sisters

Dee Dee Bass Wilbon & Deana Bass Williams are co-founders of Bass Public Affairs and co-hosts of the podcast, Policy and Pound Cake.